Analysis & Control of Contamination & Wear in Lubrication, Hydraulic & Diesel Fuel Systems

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Synopsis: Classic Comparator Atlas for use with a microscope to estimate the ISO code of a fluid.

Comparator Atlas.pdf

Synopsis: As above but in Spanish.

Atlas de Comparción - Español.pdf

Synopsis: A easy to understand presentation about dirt-fuse (non-bypass) filters.

Dirt Fuse Filters.pdf

Synopsis: Are you flushing or just filtering? This article highlights the difference.

Filtering or Flushing.pdf

Synopsis: This article provides an insight into fuel bay considerations.

Fuel Bay Filtration.pdf

Synopsis: Some considerations you should think about when conducting a fuel filter trial

Fuel Filter Trial.pdf

Synopsis: What are the implications brought about by the introduction of this standard over the previous? It is explained here.


Synopsis: As above but in Spanish

ISO4406-1999 - Español.pdf

Synopsis: Where is the correct location to obtain a sample in a simple kidney loop? This article explains in full.

Kidney Loop Sampling.pdf

Synopsis: Is it best to correct the existiing filtration or add yet another filtration system by way of a full time kidney loop?

On board kidney loop.pdf

Synopsis: This procedure covers the use of a "Black and White" or Patch Kit to determine the ISO code of a fluid.

Patch Process Procedure.pdf

Synopsis: Should you periodically (kidney loop) a compartment or install full time filtration. Read this article and then decide.

Periodic Filtering.pdf

Synopsis: The difference between Particle Counts and PQ indexes revealed.

PQ index and Particle Count.pdf

Synopsis: This procedure details how to obtain a fluid sample in accordance with ISO 4021 so it can be processed to determine the cleanliness level.

Sampling Procedure.pdf
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